Posted by: runnj | July 2, 2013

Krash Battle “Krash Test Dummy”


Krash Battle releases his first solo project entitled “Krash Test Dummy”. Hosted by the ever amazing Brick Bandit’s DJ Tim Dollar. The 13 song project is an audio adventure over some of Krash’s favorite songs, with the exception of Purple Matter produced by Nadus. 


From the frenzied cathartic verses of My Diary  to the engaging My Reparations Krash displays his amazing breath control during his unique melodic spirals. Imagine a formula 1 racer on a hairpin turn and you are beginning to glimpse what Krash does over the 13 instrumentals. Leaving nothing behind as he relentlessly drives every song truly earning the title of “Krash Test Dummy.” The project features various artist from the NJstreetKlan / Dead Rebel Society collective such as St. Joe Louis,G-2, Nameliss, and NJ Rebel’s Suicide Nah and The Kusher.

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